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Following the success of the Hedge Laying course last year, a number of volunteers were eager to have a go at learning some of the skills required for Dry Stone Walling. Chris Stephens from South West England Dry Stone Walling Association (SWEDSWA based in Nailsea) was our tutor for the day. As with so many events this summer, the main question concerned the weather.

1) The site selected for the wall did not look too promising

1. Before and overgrown

2) As with many things, the first task was to clear the site 

2. Cleared ready for the day

3) The next stage was dismantling the underway

3. Dismantling underway

4) We even got help from Piper who was keen to help!

4. Piper helping

5) Finally the site was cleared

5. All gone

6) The next stage was starting the re-build.

6. Starting to rebuild

7) The wall at the halfway stage.

7. Halfway up

8) WOW - the finished article 

8. Finished - wow

9) Well done to all the happy band of wall builders - a great day was had by all.

Chris Stephens commented that the group achieved far more than he expected during the day, reflecting well on the team work of the volunteers and of course, the teacher!!

 10. The happy wallers

In terms of the weather, despite the thunder rolling around locally the weather was at least dry until late afternoon when the rain set in. For those with good memories - it was later that evening that Nailsea was on national news due to the local flooding!
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