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The first wonder visited was Backwell’s own prehistoric cave where trustee Jenny Greenslade gave us an impromptu tutorial.

Next the steady climb up to the viewpoint in Badgers Wood for the second wonder of the view over the Bristol Channel. Visibility could have been better but the prospect was still rewarding.

Crossing Backwell Hill Road and rambling along Tinkers Lane we visited Oatfield Pool with its Everglade-like trees, our third wonder. This is limestone country and there shouldn’t really be a pool here at all, but if you study the geological map you will find this part of Backwell Hill is acid and seems to be similar in character to Felton Common. It’s said it was used at one time to wash lead ore perhaps mined from our own Jubilee Stone Wood.

Autumn Walk 2012 2

On to the telephone mast and across Hyatts Wood Road to Oatfield Farm, through the barn at Edsons Farm and on to Yorkhouse Cave in Brockley Combe, our fourth and most wonderful wonder with its 39 foot chimney through the solid rock. Here we had lunch in the company of a solitary roosting bat.

Our fifth wonder was the ruined windmill and our sixth the derelict bowling green, both high up on the hill above Brockley Hall thence down to the tunnel under the A370 which links all these wonders with the hall.

Autumn Walk 2012 3

A possible eighth wonder, the tunnel under the Chelvey road we decided to leave to another day as the problem with the clocks going back is that it becomes dark earlier than you expect.

Bill Charnock - with thanks to landowner Ken Edis for permission to visit the Yorkhouse Cave and to trustee Carrie Riches for the photographs. 

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