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BET Membership

BET is a local charity and we are totally dependent upon the support of our members for our income.  

At the moment we have around 230 members, many of whom have become regular, enthusiastic volunteers.   Their annual membership fees and generous donations enable us to cover our costs.  We keep these to a minimum but need to pay for such items as insurance, tools, construction materials and occasionally outside contractors.

If you have enjoyed checking out our website, visited the woodland reserves, and are interested in our future projects, please consider becoming a BET member and supporting our work.

Filling in this form will ensure that you receive two bulletins a year - Spring and Autumn - keeping you informed of all the various BET activities.

To apply for, or renew, membership, please download and complete the form, following the instructions therein. Thank you for your support.

Click here:  Membership Form

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