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Looking Forward to Spring

If there's one flower that symbolises the arrival of spring in England it has to be the bluebell.

This amazing woodland plant has really made itself at home in the UK and in fact we have more bluebells here than in any other country. A woodland carpeted in bluebells is often a sure sign that the forest floor has remained relatively undisturbed for hundreds of years, which makes it a good indicator species for identifing ancient woodland.   

The bluebells in BET's nature reserves should be at their most spectacular in late April which makes it a great time to visit. The most dramatic displays are usually to be found in the lower sections of Jubilee Stone Wood and all along the public footpath running through Badgers Wood.
Aliens in Badgers Wood! This spring we have found and removed a patch of undesirable Spanish Bluebells. This variety is commonly grown in gardens and can crossbreed with our more delicate native species, diluting its unique characteristics.  See this website for information on How to Identify Spanish Blubells and let us know if you think you have spotted more of them in our woods.
As well as the bluebells, the intense white flowers of the wild garlic are typically in full bloom at the same time. They can also form large drifts on the woodland floor and are hard to miss especially with their faint whiff of garlic as you brush pass them!   
And don't forget that Jubilee Stone Wood and Badgers Wood both have secure, level wheelchair-friendly trails, so there is really no excuse for not paying us a visit this springtime!   (Check out the map and parking directions by clicking on 'Our Reserves' in the Main Menu). 
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