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Visiting the BET Woodland Reserves

This page provides a quick guide to help you find and access the lovely BET Woodland Reserves.  Please follow the links for additional information.  A full guide and accompanying map can be downloaded from the BET Publications menu: Maps and Guides

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Overview map

Where are the Reserves?

The two reserves lie on either side of Cheston Combe Road on the hillside above Backwell, seven miles southwest of Bristol. Click here for How to find the BET Reserves.

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Jubilee Stone Wood Nature Reserve

Purchased in 2005, Jubilee Stone Wood Nature Reserve was the original reason for BET being formed and is full of interesting things to discover.

BW Quarry View smBadgers Wood Nature Reserve

Our second reserve, Badgers Wood, has a remarkably different feel to Jubilee Stone Wood, with fern-covered slopes, limestone cliffs and magnificent views over the adjacent quarry. 

Footpaths and Trails

Within the reserves there are plenty of wonderful paths and sights to discover and enjoy.


One off-road parking space is available at the start of the wheelchair-friendly trail in Badgers Wood. Most visitors park in Church Town or at the top of Cheston Combe Road.

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Please be aware that there are ticks present in the BET woodlands, so it is sensible to take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten.

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