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Badgers Wood Nature Reserve

BW Quarry View smBadgers Wood Nature Reserve was acquired in 2009. The 12-acre reserve climbs almost 100 metres, giving spectacular views over the old Coles Quarry, the Bristol Channel, Exmoor, and the Welsh hills beyond.

The quarry and surrounding meadows make attractive hunting grounds for birds of prey. Buzzards, kestrels, and even peregrine falcons can often be observed from the top viewpoint.

Whilst the majority of the trees in the woodland have grown up over the past 50 years or so, there are areas of hidden ancient woodland on the reserve that have been left relatively undisturbed for many centuries.

BW FernsOn the steeply sloping, north-facing hillside where the sun rarely penetrates, thousands of lush-green ferns carpet the ground beneath the moss-covered limestone cliffs.

A woodland trail (The Fern Way) was completed in 2011 by BET volunteers to lead you through this hidden, magical landscape.

In 2012, the Community Trail was added, giving easier access to the lower levels.

BW LayersAt the foot of the public footpath in Badgers Wood is the newly-restored BET "Cabin" (which once housed the neighbour’s Rolls Royce!).

The clearing on the hillside just above the Cabin is called “The Layers” and is a wonderfully restful, sunny spot with magnificent views.



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