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  • Heavy horse logging in Jubilee Stone Wood - Easter 2023

    The wonderful sight of a traditional way to extract logs
  • The stunning view over Backwell from above the BET reserves

  • BET scythers and rakers by the Jubilee Stone - October 2021

    Joined by a representative from Tarmac Stancombe Quarry
  • The amazing dry stone wall built by BET volunteers - May 2019

    Next to the Warrener's Cottage
  • Wonderful wildflower meadow - May 2021
  • The stunning Limestone Pavement in Badgers Wood

    An amazing geological rock formation which is very rare in the south of England
  • The Layers viewpoint in Badgers Wood

  • One of our mystical ancient yew trees

  • The amazing view from the Jubilee Stone

  • Bird watchers enjoying the quarry view from Badgers Wood

Calendar Dates

Sat, Apr 20th, 2024
10:00 - 12:15
BET Saturday Volunteers
Mon, Apr 22nd, 2024
10:00 - 12:15
BET Monday Morning Volunteers

The Adventures of Nova

Nova and her owner Dean have visited many beautiful locations in our area and recorded their walks and adventures. They have produced some wonderful guides to local walks, from the perspective of dog walkers, and shared them on Facebook and in four downloadable volumes.   

We were thrilled to see their description of the BET woods and the accompanying delightful photos of our sights and features.

“This place is amazing and definitely our favourite local spot, no matter what path you take there's always something interesting to see.”

Have a look at Dean's amazing illustration of BETland!! Click on the picture to see a large version and explore all the wonderful details.

Adventures of Nova BET Illustration Backwell Hill

They have also produced a useful guide to the reserves for those who haven’t been here before.

Adventures of Nova BET Guide

Their Facebook page has over 3,000 followers and has similar great guides to other walks including Towerhouse Woods, the Strawberry Line and Brean Down.

Thank you to Nova and Dean for promoting BET!

Nova pics 700

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