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Gardening for Wildlife - November 2016

After the formal business of AGM on 12th November 2016, BET members were treated to a wonderful presentation by guest speaker Higgy - a local naturalist, wildlife photographer and life member of YACWAG. Higgy talked about the beautiful wildlife haven he has developed in his back garden in Yatton.

Starting in 2010, Higgy has transformed a garden that was “basically boring and uninspiring” into an oasis that has been visited by 22 species of butterfly and 45 species of birds - and the BBC.

Garden 1


Garden 3

Garden 4

 Higgy explained how he went about incorporating each of the key elements needed by wildlife to flourish:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter

Using recycled materials where possible (including an old bath) he has created 9 ponds, bridges, log-lined walkways, and of course beds planted with flowers carefully chosen for the wildlife they attract. He also had an objective to make the garden attractive and fun for the family and so has incorporated seating and play areas, to make a remarkable garden.


Higgy’s presentation and story were accompanied by fantastic wildlife photos taken in his garden, like these:

Red Admiral


wasp beetle

The full story of the garden and more of Higgy’s amazing photos can be found on his Blog and Website:

Some of the wildflowers Higgy likes to use and the wildlife species they attract can be found in these two entries:

We are grateful to Higgy for such an impressive and inspiring talk and hope that our members are encouraged to follow his example, even in a small way.

Peter Speight


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