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BET helps in Nailsea's Nowhere Wood - April 2018 

On Tuesday 17th April six BET volunteers headed to Nowhere Wood in Nailsea to help the Friends of Trendlewood Park (FOTP). Some extra muscle power was needed for some serious path maintenance and construction work on the slope leading down to the old Pennant Sandstone quarry. This gently curving path was used to extract the quarried stone using ponies pulling tubs or "trendles". In recent years the banks above the path had been damaged and the path covered in mud and debris.

FOTP, in conjunction with North Somerset Council, decided to re-profile the bank, dig out the path and concrete in a line of wooden bollards to retain any further falling soil.

FOTP Gully 1

So armed with mattocks and spades the BET volunteers ventured into Nowhere Wood to help the FOTP team. After a few minutes we unearthed a stone retaining wall which was previously invisible. Now uncovered, this has become an attractive feature along the path. The morning was spent removing fallen soil and clearing the path. After a break for a hearty lunch kindly provided by FOTP, we set about digging a trench and lining it with shuttering ready for concreting the bollards.

FOTP Gully 2

The bollards were fixed in place with quick-setting concrete which soon went off and the teams were able to stand back and admire their handiwork! The structure will be extended up the path in coming weeks.

FOTP Gully 3

The day was another great example of mutual support between member organisations in the North Somerset Nature Net.

More pictures of the day can be found in our photo gallery here:  Flickr Gallery.

There is also a short video here:  BET have fun with FOTP!

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