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 Footpaths and Trails

Both Jubilee Stone Wood and Badgers Wood Nature Reserves have many footpaths and trails that can be used to explore the woodlands.

Please take care when walking in the woods as the paths and steps can be slippery, especially when wet.


Jubilee Stone Wood has a public bridleway running the entire length of the reserve, a 300 metre wheelchair-friendly permissive path as well as some minor trails to get you off the beaten track.

Badgers Wood has a public footpath running the entire length of the reserve, a 100 metre wheelchair friendly path as well as many other trails located throughout the woodland.  These include:

  • the gentle 'Community Trail', close to Church Town
  • the wonderful but steeper 'Fern Way' - which is described in this article: The Fern Way
  • the dramatic and steep 'Geology Trail' - which is described here: The Geology Trail

The aerial map below gives and overview of where all the footpaths and trails are to be found.  A detailed map can be downloaded here: Maps and Guides

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