Backwell Environment Trust

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  • Heavy horse logging in Jubilee Stone Wood - Easter 2023

    The wonderful sight of a traditional way to extract logs
  • The stunning view over Backwell from above the BET reserves

  • BET scythers and rakers by the Jubilee Stone - October 2021

    Joined by a representative from Tarmac Stancombe Quarry
  • The amazing dry stone wall built by BET volunteers - May 2019

    Next to the Warrener's Cottage
  • Wonderful wildflower meadow - May 2021
  • The stunning Limestone Pavement in Badgers Wood

    An amazing geological rock formation which is very rare in the south of England
  • The Layers viewpoint in Badgers Wood

  • One of our mystical ancient yew trees

  • The amazing view from the Jubilee Stone

  • Bird watchers enjoying the quarry view from Badgers Wood

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