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Heavy Horses - Easter 2023

BET members were treated to the wonderful sight of two heavy horses dragging felled trees out of the woods.  A 'meet-the-horses' session was arranged to allow members to see the horses after they had finished work for the day.  The two French Percherons - Jurgen and Marcel - belonged to Oakfield Farm, near Wotton-under-Edge.  Using horses was a fantastic and traditional way to extract the felled diseased ash trees from the BET reserves with their steep terrain and narrow paths.  Watercress Farm 1200

The logs were dragged to the Horsering Meadow where our local partner, Backwell Logs, could load them onto a trailer and take them to their farm for processing, seasoning and selling as firewood. We hope the horses will return in the coming weeks to help us get more of the felled timber out of the woods.

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